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Número Uno

"Número Uno" is a new talent show concept that looks for the best known singer in the country, the next big thing. It's not about finding diamonds in the rough, but to find consolidated artists that could eventually, become the "Número Uno". The show shows unique voces that will be put to the test week by week, where they will have to perform to the highest level and take decisions that could be career changing. To judge them, we will have 5 of our best real "Número Uno"; artists that have established themselves at the top of the sales lists. However our viewers at home, will also have participation during the shows. We'll see all the contestants singing on stage and facing their new public life outside the set. Only four contestants will make it to the big finale, they'll have the opportunity of proving that they have what it takes to become "Número Uno", and win a fabulous cash prize of $25,000 USD. We're looking for the next "Número Uno", and we're going to find her.

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